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You can do better.

icyentertainment responds:

are you sure?

It's an absolute travesty that this is happening in countries all over the world. Dogs, discarded once they have no use. For what? For humanity's superficial entertainment? I will cherish the day humans---at the hands of a superior race---are pitted to race against each other, are shoved into cages with other humans, and are discarded like the trash we are.

Beautiful animation. It makes me want to figure out how to raise awareness about animal cruelty. Similar to the Running Of The Bulls, cockfights, and..what animal isn't exploited by humanity? We're pieces of shit.

I will visit the recommended websites. Tremendous animation. Tremendous message. Tragic revelation.

A seven minute cinderblock. I remember the ghosts that live with us; I recall their playfullness in our unhome when we aren't there.

Everything in this world is too subjective? This animation is garbage. This animation is gorgeous. Somehow, the broken English adds to the couple's separation. What would regularly be a spelling critique is a compliment. Being home is a flight through the cosmos. Home is the cosmos. Home, the home of frowns. Able from childhood to marriage soar, soar, soar. That chord strikes too close to m'heart. Fleeing from the home?

I remember childhood. I remember when everyanything was possible. The sombre, minimalist music sets their curious monotony well. The story is poetry. The backgrounds need improvement (it's easy to tell you put more effort into the rocking chair, sofa, and easel than the forest and home walls; perhaps to paint the couple's value in materialism than their relationship?)

I adore the walking animations, though. The sky she flies through is the bricks of the room he paints in: a liberation and imprisonment, from which his shadowed lover a flower gives; a nourishing aide to fix their decaying romance. I remember solitary confinement. I remember dreams.

Fantastic Flash, Ida.

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You're just trying them? Oh Chongo Chongo, what have you been missing out on! These are my childhood... haven't had any since, until. I went to the store. Saw a bag of Funyuns. At first I said NO, no! I won't. And then I remembered this brilliant, hilarious, beautiful song. The playing is a little chopped but that adds to the ingenious, improvised performance. Good tribute to such a delicious treat, damn fine tribute.

Chongo responds:

I'm glad that my beautiful song has inspired you to eat Funyuns.

When was the last time you poured a pound of Poutine and sloshed it all into your mouth on top of a double bacon cheeseburger? Hm? Because Canada.

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